Vokiečių st., Vilnius, reconstruction project competition

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Vokiečių st., Vilnius, reconstruction project competition
Location Vilnius
Date: 2020

Inspiration: “There is no age (…) in history, to which there is not somewhat corresponding in his life“ (R. W. Emerson) 

Vision. A historic street submerged into green space, with signs of time, their reflections and the spirit of freedom

Project: The historical street sustainable and integrated into the urban context. Safe and comfortable traffic. Accessibility for all – universal design. Clear spatial structure. One space – two streets. Different character for the old and new parts of the streets, common architectural aesthetic style – unified area. The picturesque character of the landscape is highlighted. Clear functional zoning. The new street designed for cars and bicycles traffic in the common flow, pedestrian and café area on the expanded pavement. An authentic street with former building territory: intended for pedestrians. Based on the historical plan, area divided into the different functions. Exposing the history of authentic street by marking the former building, uncovering the archaeology. The sculpture “Vokiečių 14” reflecting historical buildings and giving a chance to grasp the former space of the street.